Card Grading

New SSP Slabs Added

Trout and McGwire SSP slabs have been added to the store. More to come throughout the week.

Ohtani Slabs Added to Store

Ohtani is coming off a brilliant performance in the WBC and opening day is less than a week away. With all that excitement we have added some Rookie Card slabs to the store.

Spring Training 2023 is Underway

The new season is just around the corner and some prospects from 2022 have a line to the show. The store is filled with new slabs for some hot prospects.

PSA Submission #7 is back!

The order with the Julio and Wander SP Rookies is back and I am excited to see what grades we got. This order was split between myself and one of our customers and although there are a few disappointing spots we are pleased with the overall results!

PSA Submission #8 Reveal

The Pokémon order is back and we had some nice grades with the newer cards. As expected some of the Base Set cards and the 1st Edition cards were roughed up, but those were PC cards and I understand why customer slabbed them up. Those cards that are for sale have hit eBay and will be posted on this website soon. Check back to our store for better prices than eBay.

CSG Submission #9 is back!

I decided that this submission to CSG would be a 100% PC submission where the cards I wanted to get slabbed would be submitted and the grades did not matter. Obviously I wanted to get good grades on all the cards and the video starts off slow with the grades, but then the 10s started to flow and it was amazing. Some of my favorite cards I have ever owned came back in 10s and I am glad I can share them with you.

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