Event Rules

Group Breaks PYT (Pick your Team) or Random

2daHouse! & CoreyBreaks

Rules for all pack rips and box breaks hosted by 2daHouse! & CoreyBreaks

You are bidding for the cards pulled with the team’s name listed in the title.  This is not for unopened boxes or cases.

All cards ship

Common cards will be placed in team bags.

Inserts and rookies will be placed in top loaders.

Hits will be placed in the proper packaging to ensure safe transport.

Shipping costs for additional teams will be refunded at our discretion after the break has been concluded.

Card assignment

The team that is named by the card will receive the card.

Example:  The Magic will receive all cards in which RJ Hampton is wearing a DEN Nugget Jersey but named for the ORL Magic.

Hall of Fame with no indicator.

Cards will be assigned to the team in which the player entered the HOF.

Player with no indicators what-so-ever (non-Active).

Card will be randomized to all the teams that player has played on.

Draft Picks

Cards will be assigned to the players current team.

If the player is not currently on a roster it the card will go to the team who drafted said player.

If the player was never drafted it will default to the most recent team.

Random cards (Panini points, cards with multiple players, cards with no players).

The names of the eligible teams will be placed into random.org.

The names will be randomly spun 7-times.

The name that appears on the top of the list after the 7th spin will win the card.

Breaks will be conducted live on the 2daHouse! YouTube Channel.


Time of the live break will be posted in the description.

Video of the replay will be uploaded ASAP thereafter.


If the break produces no cards for the purchased team, the cost of shipping will be refunded.

Returns and Refunds

All sales are final, and returns will not be accepted.

Refunds on the purchase of the item listed in the description are not permitted.